Second-hand Clothing is inexpensive and high-quality clothes to dress the whole family. It's the best choice for family shopping to buy these clothes. You have the opportunity to buy exclusive things for yourselves and your loved ones. In addition, it is a convenient and cheap way to get dressed. All second-hand shoes and clothes, that come into our store are carefully processed and sorted. For the convenience of customers it is divided into well-known categories of second-hand clothes. Clothing category “Extra”. Clothes of this category are in great demand among people who wish to dress fashionably without spending astronomical sums on clothing. Many people believe that the second-hand stores are selling only used clothing. However, this is a misconception. Second-hand clothes can also be new items that were not sold during sales in boutiques. In second-hand stores, you can find clothes of different styles, up to exclusives. Category “Extra” contains modern and high quality items. They are new or almost new, very often you can come across things with price tags. The main advantage of this category is low price. These things are really available to anyone. In second-hand shops you can find items of very different sizes, colours, and shapes, and every thing will be 100% unique. It’s worth remembering that, quality of second-hand goods depends on what country they come from. Germany. Everyone knows that good quality linens, clothing for home and other household items are sold in Germany. France. Branded items often come from France. In addition, worn clothes from dormitory suburbs come often from there. From Norway we mainly get outerwear because of cold climate prevalent in there. Italy. High-quality and original clothes come to second-hand from this country of fashion. Australia – country with high income. Therefore, lots of quality clothing come from there. Americans love to dress comfortably. We get comfortable, large size clothes from America, because basically most Americans are overweight. Sometimes worn items come from American slums. England. People of this nation prefer natural materials, so exactly such garment comes from there. By the way, the English get rid of their things very often and quite easily. From Ireland mostly come children's clothes, because there is high cost of living.