Second hand clothes are bought in European factories, which are purposefully engaged in this direction. They are engaged in collecting clothes, disinfection, sanitization, clothes are sorted, processed and then they go on sale. Second-hand clothing has a certain price that depends on its quality. These clothes are acquired by different segments of the population. In specialized stores you can find people with high incomes, with high demands for quality clothing. Often people come here seeking to dress up inexpensive and at the same time unique.  All second-hand items fall into certain categories. The best category of this clothing is the category Cream. This category contains branded items that look like new, and which, by the way, often happens to be true. Often things from stores come here, so among these clothes you can find items with tags. Don’t be surprised if you see a completely brand new thing, when you enter a second-hand shop. In this category you will also see things of the highest quality, but the price will be higher than prices of the things from the other categories. By the meaning of the name of category “Cream” you could tell, that clothes for this category are collected in the same principle as collecting cream from the surface of the milk. Every second-hand item selected for the category “Cream” is not just clothing, without signs of wear, it either looks like new or is new. At the same time you can buy it for a very low price. There is a misconception that category Cream is stock. This is not true. Stock clothes are priced by shops. Items in category “Cream" are clothes that are already sold, and therefore they have no relation to stock wholesales. Clothing for the category “Cream" comes from West, mainly from America, England, Germany and Holland. Population of these countries has high income, so they are much more likely to pass their clothes to sorting factories. Typically, these items are bought in boutiques, on sales or these clothes were worn a couple of times. Items from the category "cream" are in great demand because they are branded, high quality and very cheap compared to the new clothing sold in boutiques. This category contains clothes of famous brands, so you can buy nice clothes cheaply.  Owing to second-hand clothing of the category “Cream” anyone can dress up in style and individually, because all these clothes are presented in single units.