About us

“Ulivita” is a leading company in sales of second-hand clothing. Our company has been in this field over 5 years. During that time we have gained extensive experience in sales. We work with the best suppliers, so that we can meet all the needs of our customers.

We get second-hand garment from the companies engaged in sorting and recycling of clothing in the West. By working with the best suppliers we buy highest quality goods graded and packed into categories and names. We offer products that pass strict sanitation, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates. In addition special attention is paid to brands of clothing.

The big advantage of the company “Ulivita” is also a regular supply of second-hand products. We offer a wide range of clothing in only the finest categories and the highest quality. Here you can buy second-hand clothing in bulk or in small lots.

We sell assorted second-hand products at best in this field categories: “Shop”, “Cream”, “Lux”, “Extra”.

The reasons why the company “Ulivita” will become your reliable partner: 

1. Our suppliers are the largest manufacturers in Europe.
2. Goods are supplied regularly.
3. A huge range of high quality, second-hand clothing and footwear products of the best categories.
4. We work both with owners of large networks and the owners of small shops.
5. If necessary, we can provide you with all the documents, certificates and guarantees.
6. The various price categories and flexible prices.
7. We often carry out various sales and programs of funded bonuses to our dear customers.
8. We have an excellent reputation.

The company “Ulivita” guarantees high product quality and a huge range of clothing. We are pleased to introduce our products on our website.

In 2020 “Ulivita” was rated as a company with a high credit rating.

The credit bureau UAB Creditinfo Lietuva certificate “Strongest in Lithuania 2020” is awarded to financially responsible companies with a high credit rating. That is a confirmation that our company is stable, reliable, and fulfills its financial obligations on time.