There are conventional groups of second-hand clothes. However, the designation of things in stores may be different, as vendors are coming up with new names for them. One of the categories of second-hand items is a category “Shop”. Category “Shop” - contains high quality clothes, with no visible traces of wear. These items most often are the trends of the season. “Shop” category clothing is not branded stuff, that's why they do not cost much and are very accessible to the ordinary buyer. As for the quality of the goods, it is undoubtedly very high. Category “Shop” contains clean and neat products. You couldn’t say that it was already used. In this category you'll find various children's items, bedding. Men can buy T-shirts, sweaters, pants, jeans and business suits. For women: evening dresses, blouses, jackets, raincoats. This category includes things that are given away due to the reason that some of them didn’t fit someones demands. Besides here you can find items from old collections of foreign stores. As a result, buyer can find brand new clothes in the category “Shop”. Second-hand garment comes to us from different countries. Clothes, purchased in different countries have their own characteristics. For example, goods from America are distinguished for big amounts of large size clothes. Clothing from Germany, is considered to be very comfortable. And from Australia we often get summer and sports stuff. You are tired of Chinese production, don’t want to have to merge with the crowd, want to look different from all? Buy second-hand clothes in our online store and you won’t be disappointed in its quality. We are sure that you’ll become our regular customer after ordering second-hand clothes from us! Now you can replenish your wardrobe with stylish things from category “Shop” at attractive prices. There is a department specifically dedicated to this category in our online store.If you are attracted by the original clothes of high quality and excellent appearance, this is the right place to buy. Do you want to spend less money on clothes and buy more, you think this is unrealistic? No, it is possible! And our customers are already convinced of this. We always try to satisfy our customers and offer nice and very reasonable prices. We guarantee that you'll be more than satisfied with the quality of the goods!