One of the main advantages of second-hand clothing is the ability to find your own style, pick up interesting things or supplement your image with original items, without any waste of money on shopping. Second-hand is suitable for people who understand fashion, go for shopping with the whole family. Often people buy clothes for children here, because children grow up so fast, they stain clothes often, therefore you need to buy new clothes for them frequently. Second-hand clothes have one drawback – the odour. This odour sometimes really scares buyers, however, the presence of this smell must tell you that this item passed sanitization by special means and has no harm to humans. If you entered second-hand store for the first time, you will certainly not leave without new clothes. Those who often visit such shops, know the days when new goods arrive. And they go shopping on those days, while higher quality clothes haven't been bought by others.Of course, the most obvious advantage of this garment is the relation between price and quality. For little money you’ll get really decent quality clothes, which will largely surpass Chinese fake. Entering the second-hand shops, you can see lots of new things and clothing with tags. By appearance you couldn’t even say that it was acquired in a second-hand shop. Usually such things of second-hand can be found in the category “Lux”. “Lux” is a special category – things sold here are nearly new, or with minimal wear. In this category mostly there are second-hand items from old, for example, last year's collections, clothes that weren’t bought. This is where you can find clothes with labels “For Sale”. This kind of clothes of more known brands, is very popular, not only among customers, but also among the owners of second hand shops, searching European quality goods at affordable prices. You will never find worn out or faded clothes in “Lux”. There'll always be fashionable clothes at a low enough price. Second-hand goods of category “Lux” are in great demand, as the percentage of the bulk of clothes is only 5%. Real hunters for exclusive things know how to dress stylishly and affordably as “Lux” - is original stuff in a single copy.